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Columns from 1994

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  • Signs
  • Everyone is curious about the future.
    (December 31, 1994)

  • The Night An Angel Preached
  • The sermon is over. The listening is over. Now what?
    (December 24, 1994)

  • The Substitute
  • In everyday life, it's a common concept, easily understood. The substitute.
    (December 17, 1994)

  • Evidence of Prodigal Love
  • You may, at this moment, not be in the best of health. You may be facing a difficulty which seems ready to crush you. There may be pressures on your job that seem to have no end. Problems in your family break your heart. And in the midst of this pain, you ask, "Why, God?"
    (December 10, 1994)

  • A Minor Offense?
  • To threaten the life of the President of the United States is a felony--and should be. To threaten the life of a postal worker is a felony--and should be. Why is threatening the life of a school teacher a minor offense that may not even merit a trip to the principal's office?
    (December 3, 1994)

  • Confident Thanksgiving
  • Confidence is a strange thing. One minute we have enormous amounts of it, and the next minute we are totally lacking in confidence. One minute you feel absolutely on top of everything, and the next minute you are certain that you will be crushed by the weight of your life.
    (November 26, 1994)

  • The Gospel According to Star Trek
  • I admit it. I am a Star Trek fan and have been since the first television episode, "Man Trap," aired on NBC on September 8, 1966.
    (November 19, 1994)

  • Expressions of Loneliness
  • No matter how alone you feel you are, are you really alone?
    (November 12, 1999)

  • Follow Where?
  • Look, up ahead, there are two roads.
    (November 5, 1994)

  • God Within
  • Jesus said the Pharisees would pick a fly out of their drink and then swallow a camel.
    (October 29, 1994)

  • Grow Up
  • Maturity is a hard-fought quality of life, and it has nothing to do with an individual's chronological age.
    (October 22, 1994)

  • The Former Things
  • If someone is convinced, absolutely convinced, he will stare at solid evidence to the contrary and stubbornly refuse to change his mind. Sometimes that is good. Sometimes that is bad.
    (August 20, 1994)

  • Like A Child
  • There is something exciting about the naive trust of a child. It is something which we sophisticated adults seem to enjoy in others, but frantically try to avoid in ourselves.
    (August 13, 1994)

  • Who Would Have Believed It?
  • The owner's manual for a 1913 automobile read: "The automobile has now developed to the point where it is not anticipated there will be further developments or changes, and this manual should be a reliable guide for the motorist of the future." Who would have believed it?
    (August 6, 1994)

  • What A Way To Live!

  • What do you concentrate on: possibilities or impossibilities?
    (July 30, 1994)

  • Ambition

  • If your doctor told you, "You only have six months to live," would you be interested in a new business venture or in a new way to make money? Or would you reexamine your priorities?
    (July 23, 1994)

  • A Pledge of Commitment

  • You've trusted everything else. Isn't it time you put your trust in Jesus?
    (July 9, 1994)

  • Your Greatest Disappointment

  • So many of our disappointments, where Christianity is concerned, is not that we do not understand what the Bible says. Our problems arise when we understand exactly what God means, but to do what He wants is completely contrary to our own plans and desires.
    (July 2, 1994)

  • Patience

  • What is patience? Patience, on the part of man, is the willingness to wait, to hang in there, to finish. Patience, on the part of God, is restraint, the willingness to withhold punishment, the willingness for Jesus not to come quite yet.
    (June 18, 1994)

  • Success or Failure?

  • In a confusing world, there is one thing most of us would say we understand. That is the difference between success and failure.
    (June 11, 1994)

  • God's Peace

  • Peace is never dependent upon our circumstances.
    (April 16, 1994)

  • The Opportunities of Closed Doors

  • Imagine the frustration of seeing so many plans fail.
    (April 9, 1994)

  • Together

  • The Vietnam war was one of the most costly experiences in the history of America. I'm not thinking primarily of the cost in dollars, but the cost in lives. And not primarily of the cost in death and suffering, but the cost in confidence.
    (April 2, 1994)

  • Thy Will Be Done

  • We hesitate to sing the hymn that says, "I'll go where you want me to go, Dear Lord," because we have already decided there are some places we just will not go.
    (March 26, 1994)

  • Miracles

  • Have you ever experienced a miracle in your life?
    (March 19, 1994)

  • That Place

  • Talk to ten different people, you will get ten different definitions. What is "it"?
    (March 12, 1994)

  • As He Is, So Are We, In This World

  • What is the first response of most people when they see someone who is hurting? Isn't it usually, "I don't want to get involved."
    (March 5, 1994)

  • The Beauty of Old Men

  • I have some good news for you. And some bad news. And some great news.
    (February 26, 1994)

  • What About Repentance?

  • What does it mean to repent? Does it deal with the past or with the future? If you really repent, can you ever unrepent?
    (February 12, 1994)

  • Developing Forgetfulness

  • The man who said, "My yesterdays are always paralyzing my todays" was remembering what God wanted him to forget.
    (February 5, 1994)

  • And Then What?

  • It is a provocative idea to live the way you want, and then at the last moment claim forgiveness.
    (January 29, 1994)

  • Beyond Outrage

  • There is a time to be outraged. There is also a time for compassion.
    (January 22, 1994)

  • Sacrifice

  • When we talk about sports we understand what a sacrifice is. When we talk about life, do we also understand sacrifice?
    (January 15, 1994)

  • Thoughts from Russia

    Although CNN didn't let you know, I was in Moscow with President Bill Clinton.
    (January 8, 1994)
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