by David Sisler

At a little home in Cana of Galilee, there were six stone waterpots. At the command of Jesus the water in each one of them turned into the finest wine to ever touch human lips.

In the entrance hall of that home stood six stone waterpots "after the manner of the purifying of the Jews." The Jewish regulations against uncleanness made it necessary to have large supplies of water ever at hand.

Without washing no one ate. The feet of each guest were washed on arrival at someone's home. Cups and jugs and bottles were washed all day long.

The six waterpots each held between twenty and thirty gallons of water. That would mean between 120 and 180 gallons of wine. No wedding party on earth could possibly drink that many gallons of wine.

When the grace of Jesus comes to us there is enough for all. No need on earth can exhaust the grace of our Lord. There is a superabundance of it. God's grace is more than sufficient for every need.

The story of the turning of water into wine does not tell us about something Jesus did once and never does again, but of something which He is always doing.

The importance of this miracle is not that Jesus once upon a time turned some stone jugs of water into wine. God wants us to see that whenever Jesus comes into a person's life, there comes a new quality which is like turning water into wine.

Without Jesus, life is dull and stale and flat. When Jesus comes into it, life becomes vivid and sparkling and exciting.

Without Jesus, life is drab and uninteresting. With Him it is thrilling and exhilarating.

Remember that John wrote his gospel many years after Jesus was crucified. For decades he had thought and meditated and remembered, until he saw meanings and significances that he had not seen at the time.

When John told this story he was remembering what life with Jesus was like, and it is as if he said, "Whenever Jesus came into a life it was like water turning into wine."

In this story is John saying to us: "If you want new exhilaration, become a follower of Jesus Christ, and there will come a change in your life which will be like water turning into wine."

In this first miracle we have a fascinating glimpse of divine love. Did you ever think that when the servants had filled the jars to the brim, they held an incredible amount of water, and then an incredible amount of wine?

One stone water jar would have satisfied the largest marriage company. Jesus transformed all six pots because God gives with a lavishness that is staggering. It is the lavishness of love.

Occasionally our supplies run short, so that we can realize that everything we have, all of our blessings, come from God's hand. When we link up to God, God's supply links up to us. When Christ is near, the Supplier of our every need is near.

You may, at this moment, not be in the best of health. You may be facing a difficulty which seems ready to crush you. There may be pressures on your job that seem to have no end. Problems in your family break your heart. And in the midst of this pain, you ask, "Why, God?"

Remember that little couple in Cana? They were on the verge of want. They did not know that their supply was about to run out. But Jesus was there! And at His touch their need was supplied.

Jesus is still the same. Your problems may be about to overwhelm you, but they will never overwhelm Him. No difficulties can baffle Him. His resources are inexhaustible. Ask Him to help you. He is ready, right now!


Published in the Augusta Chronicle 12/10/94

Copyright 1994 by David Sisler

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