Christian Sites

Bible Commentary by David Guzik
Bible Gateway
Research Scripture using parallel versions.
Bible History Online
Online images and resources.
Bible Maps
Bible Study Notes and Commentary by Dr. Thomas L. Constable
More than 7000 pages of outlines, notes and commentary on all 66 books of the Bible.
Changed Lives
The ministry of Ben Haden, ministering God's encouraging Word in simplicity and in power, for our time.
Golden Alphabet, The
Psalm 119, Commentary by Charles Spurgeon
The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah
Classic work by Alfred Edersheim.
Pay Day Someday
Dr. R. G. Lee preached this powerful sermon for the first time in Edgefield, SC. The year was 1919. Before his death, the great man of God would preach "Pay Day Someday" more than 1000 times.
Peninsula Bible Church
Hundreds of sermons by elders of the church make for challenging reading.
Sermons from Revelation
Lecture Notes from Dr. Loyd Melton
Spurgeon Archive
Charles Spurgeon's sermons, complete with Scripture index and Topic index.
Spurgeon Gems
Largest collection of Spurgeon resources online, including a complete 63 volume set of sermons, audio sermons, books, and quotes.
Spurgeon's "Treasury of David"
Charles Spurgeon's unparalleled work on the Psalms.
John Wesley's Explanatory Notes

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