by David Sisler

Will Lester, an Associated Press writer, reported on August 31, 2004, that “A GOP delegate handed out bandages with purple hearts on them Monday night at the Republican National Convention in a swipe at Democratic nominee John Kerry’s war record, but national GOP officials have asked him to stop.

“The bandages were handed out by Morton Blackwell, a longtime GOP activist from Virginia, with the message: ‘It was just a self-inflicted scratch, but you see I got a Purple Heart for it.’”

GOP Chairman Ed Gillespie asked Blackwell to distribute no more of the bandages and Blackwell agreed.

In his article, Lester, serving more as an editorialist and less as a news reporter, defended Kerry’s record, attacked the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and quoted Democratic Chairman Terry McAuliffe:

“It is inexcusable for a delegate to mock anyone who has ever put on a soldier’s uniform. It is inexcusable to mock service and sacrifice.”

How’s that, again?

McAuliffe says it is inexcusable to mock anyone who has ever put on a soldier’s uniform, but the Democratic mouthpiece and his minions, notably film propagandist Michael Moore, have no compunction in attacking the service record of President George W. Bush.

Indeed, all of their backpedaling notwithstanding, Democratic attacks have maligned all who have served in the National Guards, forgetting that those men and women too, risk, and give, their lives in the defense of freedom.

President Bush, to the chagrin of the liberal media, opened all of his service records to public inspection months ago – something John Kerry still refuses to do.

McAuliffe, it is your hypocrisy that is inexcusable.


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