by David Sisler

We are voting in Georgia today. There are the usual suspects, one cent sales tax options, races for sheriff, county commissioners, chief magistrate, various judges, and a state senate candidate.

Not on the ballot is a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. That was on the ballot in the U.S. Senate a few days ago and only 48 of our elected officials stood to honor the sanctity of marriage and its traditional, biblical definition.

Fifty-two senators dishonored marriage by voting against the measure. Fifty of them had the courage to stand on the Senate floor and say, “Nay.” Two cowards did not even show up to vote.

Those two yellow-stripers are what constitutes the longest sewer in the country. It runs from Massachusetts to North Carolina and has a John at both ends.

In case my attempt at humor (actually the resurrection of an old bit from the days when John Kennedy ran for President and Protestants feared a Pope with the same first name) I will be plain. Neither John Kerry or John Edwards bothered to vote.

The leading Democratic candidate for Chicken-in-Chief, John Kerry, says he opposes the traditional marriage amendment, supports homosexual marriages and/or civil unions, but did not put the courage of his convictions into the Congressional Record. His cravenness did go on the record. He voted loud and clear with his no-show – if the issue is a sensitive one, emotionally charged, count on Kerry not to count. In fact, only one time this year (March 2) has he been on the Senate floor to vote.

The faint-heart who would stand a heart-beat away from the presidency, John Edwards, also ran for the hills when given the chance to stand on Capitol Hill, represent his constituents, earn his pay, and cast a vote.

Each of the gutless wonders criticized the Bush administration.

From John Kerry came the cry that the President is supporting “issues designed to divide us for political purposes.”

John Edwards said, “the President and the Vice President tried to use our Constitution and the amendment of that Constitution as a political tool.”

The two lily-livered non-voters attacked others for taking a stand, while they ran from the opportunity to put their money where their mouths are (actually, one’s wife’s money and the other’s donations from ambulance-chasing lawyers).

But maybe I am being too harsh. Maybe they were just doing their ostrich imitations, sticking their heads in the sand so they could pretend the issue does not exist. If that is the case, picture, if you will, the position of their posteriors. At election time, the voters should kick them in their elevated positions.

If you don’t know how your senator voted, check the Senate’s official website. You did not get to vote on July 14, but the polls will be open again on November 2.


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