by David Sisler

The following two stories are quoted verbatim from published news reports.


Traditional Values Coalition has long known that pro-homosexual "anti-discrimination" laws would eventually be extended to attacking the Bible's teachings on homosexuality. While this has sounded far-fetched to some, we are now seeing evidence of this trend.

In New York City, two Staten Island billboards have been removed by the city because they quote Leviticus 18:22, which reads: "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable."

The billboards were paid for by Rev. Kristopher Okwedy of Keyword Ministries.

The city is removing the billboards because a New York "anti-discrimination" ordinance, Administrative Code, Section 8-101, which prohibits "bias-related violence or harassment" against homosexuals or other groups.

Rev. Okwedy is suing the city for violation of his First Amendment rights to free speech and religion. He is being represented by attorneys with the American Family Association. If this anti-Christian discrimination is allowed to stand, more cities will feel free to "criminalize" the Bible in favor of homosexual activists.


And in a second Traditional Values Coalition report, nothing is apparently too bizarre for San Francisco. Station KRON TV reported recently that the city health department is posting signs that say: "Fix with a friend. Prevent Heroin Overdoses. Don't shoot alone."

Dr. Josh Bamberger with the city health department says the signs are justified because many heroin addicts shoot up while they're alone. The city's solution is to encourage drug addicts to make it a group affair so if one overdoses, the others can call 911.

Citizen activist Ana Arguello is angered by the city's pro-heroin signs. "To the mind of an addict, when they see ‘Fix with a friend' is that they believe hey, they [health officials] believe it's OK for me to shoot dope."

Nina Grossman who handles a needle exchange program for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation supports the city's efforts. "Of course, the best thing would be if people were to not inject drugs. But they are, and if they are, we can't wait until they decide to stop."

And there you have it. In New York City it is against the law to publically display a Bible verse, and in San Franciso, city government supports and promotes illegal drug use.

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