by David Sisler

Editor, The Augusta Chronicle

Dear Sir:

Thirty years ago my Dad suffered with ulcers. In order to serve something he could eat that would not upset his stomach, Mom toasted bread, then tore it up into small pieces and fried it in a mixture of milk and butter.

Her milk toast concoction is very much like your editorial “‘Roe’ marks 30th year.” It seems that you knew you must comment on the Supreme Court decision which has allowed the murder of millions of babies, but you wanted to serve up something that would not upset anyone’s stomach. Well, you have succeeded in turning mine.

3,000 people were murdered on September 11 and American screamed a collective cry of grief. 35,000,000 people have been murdered through legal abortions and all the Chronicle can do is whine that the 1973 Supreme Court produced an “activist” decision.

The hypocrisy of the pro-abortion crowd, and of your wink to them, can be seen in Planned Parenthood’s poster contest commemorating “Thirty Years of Choice.” An $800 prize was to be awarded to the winner, but to enter, “children under age 18 must have a parent or legal guardian’s permission to submit their designs.”

Planned Parenthood opposes any parental notification before a young girl can kill her baby, but declares she must have parental permission to produce a poster. Obviously – based on the rules of this contest – a poster is more important than a baby.

The honor of the editorial position of your newspaper was saved by Rick McKee’s powerful editorial cartoon, graphically showing that this 30 year anniversary is supported by the corpses of our unborn children.

David Sisler

Augusta, GA


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